All you have to do is open an account with a broker from the list of “Broker“. You will also have to sign a “Money Management” agreement which the broker provides you. The brokers will provide you with all the necessary information and documents.

Here are simple steps:

  1. Choose the Broker

    See the “Broker” list.
  2. Open an Account

    The broker will supply you all the necessary documents.
  3. Fund the Account

    The minimum deposits vary depending on the broker, however, you can fund with a higher deposit if you want.
  4. Watch Your Profits

    You will be given an access to the Managed Account to watch the performance of the account.

Depending on the initial deposit and the broker, the profit share we take varies. The higher the deposit, the lower profit share we take. So it pays off to invest more to get higher returns. 

You can start from as low as $2,500. Below you can find the table with available brokers
(new brokers will be added soon).

List of the Brokers

All brokers are ECN/STP. Some of them are both, ECN/STP and Market Makers, but we trade only on ECN/STP accounts.

FX-Choice 2500
FX-Giants 2500
Pepperstone-logo 2500
fxtm_logo 2500
XM 2500
ICMarkets 2500
 FX-Choice 2500



  • 50% for deposits over $2,500
  • 45% for deposits over $10,000
  • 40% for deposits over $25,000
  • 35% for deposits over $100,000
  • 30% for deposits over $250,000
  • 25% for deposits over $1,000,000

We make money on the profit share on Managed Accounts and as Introducing Brokers (IB). However, we are not employees nor representatives of those brokers. We are independent traders and Money Managers.


Remember, WE make money if YOU make money!