Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy your Expert Advisor?

We sell our system for $2500 after a discount. The reason why the price is very high is because we have spent a lot of money, resources and time in perfecting our PIPSCUTTER system. For more detailed information and payment method please contact us.

Can I invest $2,500 now and then if I like the system, can I invest more?

Yes, of course. Start first from a low deposit and when you are happy with the performance of the Managed Accounts and Pips Cutter, you are welcome to invest more any time and get more profits. The more you invest, the more money you can make faster.

What guarantee do I have that I’ll get same profits as you show on your website?

All the accounts shown on our website are traded by us. We see no reason the account you will join shouldn’t have similar performance. However, we cannot guarantee you 100% same results. We can achieve the same or more, but there is a possibility that the performance might be lower than expected. Then you can withdraw your money any time.

Is there any risk of losing the money I invested?

As in every investment, there are always some risk of losing part or whole of the deposit. We are very confident in our system. But you can invest the required minimum of $2,500 to “test” the system and then you can invest more if you want.

Can you tell me exactly how your EA works?

“Pips Cutter” uses actually 3 combined system which trade in market trends, consolidations and also it uses fundamental analysis to trade during Economic News. So it is able to make money all the time unlike many other EAs. It’s partially based on our own indicators and time-frames and it’s partially a mechanical system. We also have a unique strategy of offsetting the risk and maximizing profits. However, we cannot give you the exact details of those indicators and strategy. If you know them, you could trade them by yourself, and you don’t need us, right? But this is our business secret and that’s how we make money. It makes no sense revealing those secrets, really.

What should I do if I want to start using your system?

If you want to start investing money using “Pips Cutter”, open an account with a chosen broker and fund the account. For the exact details go to the “How to Start” page.

Why do you share this system and not trade by yourself with your own money?

Of course we also trade on our own accounts and we are very happy with the profits. All the accounts shown on this website are our accounts where we trade. However, we can also make additional money trading for our clients. Suppose we can invest $10,000 of our own money. But if we have $50,000 of our clients’ money we can make more profit if we take 50% share. So it’s like $25,000 of our own money. And we treat our clients’ money like our own – we want to make sure it is safe and brings as high return as possible.

What are ECN brokers? Why do you use them only?

There are basically two kinds of brokers: Market Makers and ECN/STP brokers. Experienced FX traders know the difference: Market Makers basically are counter-party for the traders and make money, when traders lose money. So they often play unfair and cheat. We steer away from them. However, ECN/STP brokers make money only on the spread or commission and they are happy if traders make money there. The more money we make there, the more profits they have. We only choose the most reliable and proven brokers.

Which broker should I use? What is the difference?

Depending on the broker, the minimum initial deposits vary from $2,500 to $5,000. The more you invest, the higher profit share you can get. You should choose a broker that is most suitable for your financial capabilities and risk appetite. See the “How to Start” page for available brokers.

How big is the Drawdown?

We trade very carefully using small lot size. Our robot will stop automatically  when the Drawdown is 25%, so you cannot lose more than this.


Remember, WE make money if YOU make money!