We are international team of traders and programmers based in Australia whose main goal was to create a system that can work in all market conditions and at all brokers, especially ECN and STP.

Like many other groups of FX traders, we wanted to make money on trading Forex by sharing experience and exchanging ideas. Thanks to many bright people in our team we were able to create this winning system and write an Expert Advisor – so no manual trading was required.

We want to share our success with other trader around the world. We decided that the best way to do it is to use the system on Managed Accounts, so both we and other investors can profit from it.

We use “Pips Cutter” only with proven ECN brokers and the more profits we and other people make, the happier those brokers are. It’s a win-win-win situations for traders, for us and for the brokers.

You are also welcome to join us.

Pips Cutter Team:
Steve Cartington



Remember, WE make money if YOU make money!