Why should you join a Managed Accounts (“MAM”)?

  • Not only people who are interested in Forex can join our “Pips Cutter” Managed Accounts. You don’t need any Forex knowledge at all. We trade for you – you just watch the profits coming.
  • In Stock Exchange you have to buy when prices are low and sell them when prices are high. And you have to wait months or years to make profits no matter if the trend is up or down. In Forex you can make money in any market conditions: uptrends (same as Stock), downtrends (yes!!!) and consolidations (very good for trading – the risk is very low).
  • We welcome all kinds of investor who want to multiply their hard earned money: Forex Traders and everybody who is interested in Stock Market, Mutual Funds, Bonds and others.
  • It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or advance in Forex, or even never heard about it before. Forex is just one way of making money and maximizing our profits nowadays. But it is now the most popular way of making money, more than any Stock Exchange. Billions of dollar are now invested in Forex everyday.
  • When you put your money in the bank, you get 2-5% return on your money a year. Same with other forms of saving. But in Forex it’s possible to make from 100% to 500% and even more in a month!!! That’s why Forex is so popular.
  • If you trade Forex by yourself or invest money in any other forms, it’s always very risky. You don’t know when to open trades and when to close them. But we do it for you. We are professional Money Managers with many years of experience in Forex Trading.
  • To start any kind of trading you need a big capital to be successful, at least more than ten thousand dollars. With our system it’s enough to deposit as low as $2,500.If we can, for example, achieve 50% return a month (yearly 600%), then after one year your money can be worth $30,000. If you keep it, after 2 years your $30,000 from the first year can reach whopping $360,000!!! Too good to be true? Why? In Forex it’s possible, especially with a good system like our “Pips Cutter“.
  • If you trade by yourself or use an automated program, you have to make sure your PC and internet are working, you need to understand the trading program to run it, as sometimes they are very complicated. But now you don’t have to do it any more. Leave all the trouble to us. We take care of all those things. Of course to make sure everything works and you make money, we will take our share. It includes the trading software, and maintenance of the “Pips Cutter” program and Managed Accounts. We think it’s fair and it is the standard profit split in Forex Money Management.
  • The Money Management works this way that we only make money, when the fund in total is profitable. So it’s in our best interest to make sure you make as much money as possible. So do we!
  • Your risk is practically very low. You don’t have to pay any commission (like in case of investing in many kind of financial instruments, e.g. Mutual Funds). You don’t have to pay for this amazing trading Program “Pips Cutter”. In many cases such trading programs cost $250 to $500 and are often useless. In a very unlikely case when you are not happy with the performance of your Managed Account, you can withdraw money any time. Or you can just withdraw your initial deposit after some time when profits are made and use just the profits you made or keep it and let it grow! Or when you are happy with the performance, you can invest more to make more profits faster.
  • As you can see it’s both in your and our interest to make as much money as possible very quickly. We are using only very reliable so called “ECN Brokers” (“Electronic Communications Networks”) who have the best trading conditions and will be happy when you and we make money using this great program. So join us now! The more traders join us, the more money all of us can make.
  • Ready to start? CLICK HERE for further instructions.



Remember, WE make money if YOU make money!