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You don’t have to know Forex at all – We trade for you on Managed Accounts (MAM)! Happy Trading!




Get the best deals with us:

Over 85% Accuracy, almost a Holy Grail.

There are very few losses. PipsCutter opens trades that have a very high probability of success. It has very low Stop Loss in case the market changes unexpectedly.

Works with all brokers: ECN, STP, MM.

This EA can be applied with all brokers, since the trading method it uses is not forbidden. It’s not scalping, it doesn’t use any other forbidden trading methods. 

It can work both Market Makers, ECN or STP Brokers which will never put any restrictions on this robot and will welcome you when you make money there.

Works with all currency pairs, metals, oil, etc.

“Pips Cutter” can work with all currencies and instruments, however, the best pairs are those that have low spreads like EURUSD, USDJPY, USDCHF, etc. Since it is best to use it in ECN, STP and NDD brokers, it tries to open trades when the spread is very low.

Works in all market trends and consolidations.

It works in ALL market conditions, up- and downtrends, as well as consolidation periods. It is actually a combination of 3 systems. The first system brings big profits when there are rising or falling Trends on the market. The other system makes money in Consolidation periods. The third one uses fundamental analysis. So no matter how the market behaves, this EA can produce profits all the time.

You can start with as low as $2,500.

And you don’t need much capital to start with. The lowest capital is $2,500. 

Many other systems require minimum deposit of $5,000 or even $10,000, which is very difficult to afford for a regular trader, both beginner or advanced.

Pips Cutter” makes steady profits and it’s possible to increase the order size progressively, e.g. from 0.5 lots to 1.0, 2.0 or 5.0 and more lots to make even more money.

You don’t need to pay any upfront Fees.

The only thing you have to do is to fund an account with a chosen broker. You can start with as low as $2,500, that’s all!

We share the profits after a trading period, no need to pay anything upfront!

You don’t have to trade, just get the Money.

You don’t get the robot, you don’t trade. We trade for you!!! You don’t need to worry about the setup, make sure the PC is on and the internet works. We do all of these things for you. In return, we take a portion of the profits the “Pips Cutter” makes.

Best Forex EA on The Market

We believe that seeing LIVE results on a few Real accounts with different brokers is the best proof of the EA performance. Seeing is believing. We don’t want to convince you too much like other robot sellers. Take it or leave it!

Many other EA creators will show you either demo accounts or past results, but never FORWARD results on LIVE accounts. This is the best way to make sure that the EA actually works and can be very profitable.

The robot was created after many months of testing with different brokers and market conditions and finally our team of traders and programmers have succeeded in creating an EA that really works and can make money, not like most other EAs you can find on the Internet.

  • If you want to know more about the System and how to make money, go to “About MAM” page.
  • If you would like to get it, go to the “Contact” page.


Remember, WE make money if YOU make money!


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  1. man thnk you forr the prfit you made on my accnt it is amazing. i tell you here as my tstimonies so others will not feel doubt to join. thank you steve for this amazng work. i do like it so much

    1. Hello Shamil, thank you for your interest toward our system. We have sent you email about how to join and all details of our service. Please check.

  2. Man, I will be your lifetime client for sure. your trading perfrmnce is just amazing, no one did it before in my life man, you’re are the real coach. anyway, I have question about the robot, can i use it and trade by myself? oh man it will be great to have it i guess. price robot please. thank you steve.

    1. Thank you for trusting our service, Carvalho. Sure, you can trade using our EA and get the same profit like money management service. We will send the EA info to your email.

  3. I just want to say thank you so much to you. You really help me grow my account. It feels almost impossible to see it became $20,000 usd in less than 2 weeks. You’re amazing Steve. Thank you. I will surely bring more friends to you.

  4. how can i join? please info. i want to have the same profit like what you’ve made to my friend’s account, Vitor Martins.

    1. Hi Guilherme, thank you for your interest. Yes, he is one of our client and he is really happy with our performance.
      We have sent you the detail to your email. Please check it. Thank you.

  5. hi steve and team, your result is amazing, really happy to trust you managed my account. now, i have a plan to trade by myself using your ea but also you keep trading my other accounts. can i? email me for the details, thanks

    1. Hi Emily, thank you for trusting our service. Sure, it would be a really nice plan. We have sent the details to your email. Kindly check it.

  6. Please send me the invoice. I am ready to purchase your ea. I can’t wait to get the same profit when you managed my account. Thanks

  7. Hi steve, I heard from my friend that you help him to get great profit in forex, and it was amazing. I want you to manage my account too. my account is ready now. How to start?

    1. Hello Tranquillina, please kindly check your email. We have sent you some information of how to join our money management service. Thank you.

    1. Hi Yusuf, thank you for your interest in our system. We have sent email of some information regarding to your questions. Please check it, thank you.

  8. This is really good. What a FANTASTIC profit,Steve!!! thank you thank you. I will make my account ready for the next trade okay. see you

  9. If I want to invest $10,000 USD? How would be the profit share ratio? How much for me? I’ll make my account ready tomorrow.

    1. Hi Rick, the profit share wouldn’t be 50:50 anymore, but bigger for you. We’ve sent an email to you regarding to profit share detail, such as ratio, payment method and etc. Please check it. Thank you.

  10. Yesterdat it is $2,500 usd and today you change it into $7,000 usd? You drove me insane Steve. Thank you so much

    1. Thank you for trusting or service. As what we said to you about our EA performance, now we have proved it to you. Enjoy the profit Bryan, we will let you now the best time to withdraw it.

    1. Hi Rilwan, unforunately we are not providing signals for clients but we have money management service or known as account management service too. For further details, I will send the information to your email.Thank you.

  11. Can you manage my account on ICM ? its a standard account. And what is the procedure to join our acc. management?

    1. Hi Ben, yes sure we can. I will send you all the information regarding to our Money Management service. Please check your email. Thank you

  12. What a great job, well done, Steve and team. You made 100% of profit in a day. This is amazing, Can’t wait for my own EA and trade by myself. Thanks a Iot!

    1. Your most welcome, congratulation and thank you for trusting our service. The EA is ready to be sent to you this afternoon.

  13. May you kindly email me detailed results of your EA on Live account.

    And details for account management

  14. Your robot is really crazy, it gained profit that I never expect before. There is no reason for not purchasing your robot right now. Just send all details to me okay. Thanks steve

  15. Well done guys, I have a feeling that I would invest with bigger amount with you. I will use another account okay, will ready tomorrow.

    1. Hi Conrad, glad to know that you trust our service and would like to keep using our service. We will send an email to you regarding to the service. Thank you.

  16. Oh man, what should I say? Thank you your robot is good. Now i trust you guys and i will buy your bot. I can do trade by myself and get more profit

    1. Sure Tuomo, you can trade by yourself using our EA. We have sent the EA details to your email. Please check it. Thank you.

  17. Hi, Can you please send me a detailed trading statement from a LIVE Trading Account that is current and What’s the price of the EA.

  18. Thank you.
    for the help to pay my debt all, with profit you account management, will do again.
    good manager you are

    1. Hello Akbar, sure your welcome. We have sent the information to you if you want to continue the service. Thank you.

    1. Hi Silas, your payment is confirmed. Thank you for sending it on time. We will send the procedure to your email. Please kindly check it.

    1. Hi Surkho. Yes, we have a good EA which can trade for us. We can help you to manage your account. We’ve sent the procedure to join our money management service to your email address. Please check it. Thank you.

  19. I heard from my friend that your robot is very good. Send me the result via email. I wanna check before purchasing the robot.

    1. Hi Cochran, thank you for your interest. We’ve sent the trading result and the EA details to your email. Please check your email.

  20. Hello, please send me the detail of money management service via email. Such as the minimum deposit, the profit, and how can I open a new account as well. Thanks.

    1. Hello Patricia, thank you for your interest. We will send all details and the additional information that you need via email. Please kindly check your email. You will receive an email from Thank you.

  21. Joining money management service as my part time job. Just investing a small fund but earning more than my main job, what a happy life!!!

    1. Thank you for trusting our service. Money Management Service never disappoints our clients. That’s why many clients join in because the returns are very high. Enjoy your MM service.

  22. Thank you for telling me and convincing me to invest to your money management service. It is incredible. As a beginner, I never expected to get profits by doing nothing. Thank you so much.

  23. Thank you for sharing the good luck to me. I didn’t expect much before, but luckily you prove me wrong. I think I will invest more, please get me through email. Thx.

  24. I have give the account details since last week and it has been $5,000 in my account, is it the right time to withdraw the profits? or do you guys have another plan to make more? pls let me know guys.

    Best Regards,

    1. Hi Tyson, we have seen a good market movement for this week and going to share the profits next week. You don’t have to worry.

  25. please be online now as I will process my withdrawal now and then sharing the profits so you can start continue to trade for me again.

  26. hay steve, ive create an account in fx choice just like you request it. Can you trade for my account just like you trade on my friends account? i want to have those results too

    1. Hi! sure we can. If your account is ready and funded, you can give us your account Login, Password and Server Name so we can start trading on your account.

  27. hi, my account is ready with fxchoice right now. can you work and make profits on my account like you guys did in Fxgiants? we need to process the withdrawal quickly and i think fxchoice would do that

  28. Hi Steve team! I have made withdrawal since the day you messages me to share the profits, now you can continue the trades on my account as I have made payment for profit share,

    Best Reagards,

    1. Hi Arnold, yes we are going to continue the trades today! Thank you very much for your cooperation for not interrupt our work to make profits.

  29. hello, can you please using bit more lots to the trades on my account? I can’t wait to get the profits like you did last week.

    1. Hi Obi! as you wish, we can use big lot size but we need to make sure it is safe before we use big lot size on your account, we need to trade carefully.

  30. its become an habit to withdraw the profits that you made on my account as you made consistent profits. Thanks dude i will send the profit share right now through Perfect Money

  31. can you share the secrets of how you guys make profits? honestly i still wondering how you manage my FX Choice account until make profits like this.

    1. Sure, our system is not Martingale, Arbitrage or Short-term Scalping which are forbidden by brokers. We will email you how we make profits on your account easily.

  32. can’t believe you made profits and done the withdrawal in just 3 days on my account! what are your indicators? mind if you share it with me?

  33. thank you to pipscutters for making profits on XM account with ur robotss i will give the half profit to you as agreement before,,,, love you team

    1. Hi! Thank you so much for using our management service on NFP! Please check your email for what payment method you like to use to share the profits.

      1. parfait we’ve done the profit share please contineu to trade my account again, i will be back in a week due to tight schedule at my office. take care please

  34. hi sorry for the late withdrawal from the broker, I will send your profits share right now, can you give me your western union details? thank

  35. Good day! I would like to share the profits you guys made now, please continue the trades from my account in this good monday!

  36. Aye bruh i like to join your management for once again, I had been profits with your team before and want to invest again with my buddies money, im so fuckin excited bruh

    1. Hello Sandip, we have been trade your account and its on profits right now. Thank you for joining our Money Management Service.

  37. Hi,
    What is cost of your EA?
    Send me live account track records for more than 6 months.

  38. Hello I like to say thanks after all of this investment. I hope I met you guys earlier than this so I can make more money with your service

  39. Hay I wanna invest again here, Iam your old clint who had been doing profit share with your manager, steve. you can ask him, I can’t contact him he’s busy i thought

    1. Hi Qillaq, Yes we got your account right now and we will trade it soon with our EA. Welcome to our system!

  40. Hallo I like to join here investment my friend suggest me here after success with this system. tell me info.

  41. Im happy to work with you! I cannot wait to withdraw the profits you make. Ive suggest my friends to invest here too

  42. Time for withdraw! I will withdraw the profits that you make on my account, do you have bank account so I can send the profit share that we have agreed before? reply this to my email, thanks.

  43. Hey Ive sent withdrawal approval to my broker, and will share the profits as soon as I got my withdrawal, 50/50 right? send the details what payment you provide to share the profits to my email.

    Best Regards,

  44. Sir, I want a traders for my fund ($1000 in paxforex) who can trades more than 60 times in a day like scalping. can u do that sir???

  45. Do you mind to send the details of this impressive system to me?
    I’d be pleased to hear from you soon.

  46. It’s very real, I get the corresponding profit. Very enjoyable investment here! Recommended for investors

  47. I also get a lot of return using Steve’s Pipscutter system. The trades are very safe and the profit is consistent. Great job.

  48. Dear Steve
    I would like to thanks you for their excellent performance, in Pipscutter we got 142% profits in just 2 days! I wish him to continue

  49. It’s great Steve. Trading is like so easy for you! You know so much where the market goes, such as you read the book. It’s excellent! I will definitely add more deposit

  50. Steve.. Managed account..will bring results around 100% for just 2 days. really…it is good works. best efforts by Steve PIPS CUTTER.

  51. Steve Cartington was… how do you say it? AMAZING!! Finally I have found someone which helped me recover my losses.
    Many thanks!

  52. Hi Steve
    just funded and start with this Pipscutter, can see the profit. Good job on managing forex account, not like the others. Keep the good job..

  53. Hello, wow you safe my live account on amount $5,000
    You saw that I was lost almost $10,000 and you turn it back in one day.
    Once again, thank you.

  54. Thanks PIPSCUTTER, because of you I can go to my favorite bar to have some fun with my friends tonight. Let’s party!

  55. You’ve got to be kidding me!!! Amazingggg!! Really!!!!
    200% profit in 1 day! I want to continue work with you.

  56. Thank you for your help, you make 100% profits in one day on my account, really genius and professional services. I would recommend you to my friends.

  57. I never believe in this results, I could make $30,000 just in a few weeks because of PIPS CUTTER system. I would like to recommend their work and service to all of my friends

  58. I’ve seen my account and you did a great job on it.
    I hope you can continue that good work for me and I really like the way you trade.
    Thank you.

  59. Dear admin, I’m really interested with this EA. How can I possibly get it? And can you help me set up the EA after that? Thank you

  60. Hello team,
    WOW you really did a great job. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The results is reaIly super! I would recommend to use this system because I have made almost 1000% in a week

  61. Hi Sir, your pipscutter is a great system. I use it for very long time and I can say it is a real help to me in making profit. Totally recommended!

  62. This is no joke. I got $11000 from this system in just 1 week. How is that even possible? Good job Steve

  63. We like Forex and your works really good. Amazing results! You make for me $15,000 in a week
    Thank you so much Steve

  64. HI, I am interested in your EA & managed account service.
    Send me details please.
    I want to see recent statement.

    Please reply.

    1. Hello Mr. Kim,

      I can’t reply to your Naver email.
      Can you leave us any other email address so we can send the details to you.

      Best regards,

      Steve Cartington
      PIPCUTTER Manager
      Skype: steve.cartington

    2. Pipscutter Team conected to my account today and started trading, the next thing I got a message to login to my account and see it working, WoW I was scared, it is a micro account at around £2,000 plus XM £500 bonus, the EA was doing lots of 100, I sent an email to XM to ask if it was alright trading this big on a micro account, They were very pleased, I thought maybe 3-400 in a day but no I have seen £24,000 today but it is still trading, it has retracted back to £14,000 but I have agreed to stop it in the morning at around £25,000, I have never been so happy and asked if we can do this on a regular basis like weekly, it will take that long to draw the money out to pay for their efforts.

  65. Thank you for your help all this time. I surprised when I see my trade win money and it’s so much. my $2000 money becomes $6700! Thank you again and again. I hope we could keep our cooperation until the future..

  66. Hey there Mr. Steve

    $32,000 in my bank account in just one month, thanks to you! It’s like getting easy money without doing anything. You do all the hard work for me, so thanks a lot mate! I will never doubt you and the holy grail anymore. We can do more trading this month and next month too. I’m eager to get more money!

    1. Hi Pisit,
      The EA costs $2,500 after a discount and you can pay for it by Credit Card, WesternUnion, MoneyGram, Moneybookers, PerfectMoney, Webmoney, Payza, Neteller, OKPay, Ukash, cashU, or BitCoin.
      The EA makes up to 500% profits per month. The Drawdown is not more than 25% on the whole account, usually less than 10-15%. But it still depends on the market situation, broker and risk appetite. We will set up the EA for you, so you will get best results without problems. Besides, we offer a 60-Day Money Back guarantee in case the robot doesn’t work.

      Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

      Best regards,

      Steve Cartington
      PIPSCUTTER Manager
      Skype: steve.cartington

  67. would you please send me information about the price and show me performance and results on a life trading account .
    Thank you


  68. Hi…
    Firstly, I want you to send me a current real trading live account for six months. Secondly, send me details on your managed account.. How to join and details of every thing involve. Thank You…

  69. Hello

    Im very interested in your ea.

    Would you please let me get following data?
    – performance record of “LIVE” acct
    -cost of ea
    -trading lot size/capital, as it were, 0.1 Lot/1000 usd…etc
    -average risk/reward ratio such as 50 pips risk / 60pips reward…etc

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  70. Good afternoon,

    I hope I don’t disturb you. I only want to say my gratitude because you’ve done a very impressive job with my trading account.

    I had never got that huge amount of money in my life before! Or imagined it! I had never imagined that a risky trading like this can make me rich. It’s all because of your hard work. Thank you & great job!

  71. I am interested in your EA and Account management. Could please send me performance docs and/or any material relative to what happened during the last few months


  72. Good Day!

    Want to know more about your EA. Also want to know more about how to connect with MAM/PAMM accounts with you and how to share the profit/loss.

    Thanks & Best regards

  73. Hi Steve,

    I’m interested in your service. Please, send me detailed proof of your performance in the last 6 months. I await your report.


  74. Dear sir,
    I need this EA System ( Pips Cutter ). kindly tell me the price of this system also tell me the payment procedure.


  75. Hi

    I am interested in your EA and Account management. Could please send me performance docs and/or any material relative to what happened during the last few months


    Antoine BOULET

  76. Am interested in your EA and account management. Could please send me live account proof of your performance for the past six months or a live account info with investor password for confirmation?

    Kindest regards,


  77. Hi Steve

    As As briefed earlier on skype,

    Let me know how i can fund account or link you up on my account so that we can start trading asap.

    Thanks and waiting for your email.

    1. Hi Hilary,
      I have sent you an email regarding your request.
      Please kindly check your Inbox or Spam folder.
      We can continue to discuss this further by skype.

      I am looking forward to hearing from you.

  78. hi, sir can email me the results of your ea trading so that i could decide if i would want to invest in your forex trading ea system.. thank sir

  79. hi, sir can email me the results of your ea trading so that i could decide if i would want to invest in your forex trading ea system.. thank sir..

  80. good day,

    please email me results of your ea trading so i could decide if i would want to invest in your forex trading ea system….kindly send past live forex trading performance not the demo account…and i would like to know if your ea is for sale…
    thanks and god bless.

  81. Hi can you please send me the details of your performance and can i start this with 500$ cause now i have these amount only for trading please update me thanks

  82. It’s been an amazing six months and I have made thousand dollars. Now I can pay my mortgage and I will go on vacation with my family. Good job. Thank you Steve.


    Thanks for this EA Mr.Steve and Support team, now I can do my daily activity while watching my account making good profits. You are so amazing!!

  84. Firstly, I want you to send me a current live account for six months. Secondly, send me details on your managed account.. How to join and details of every thing involve. Thanks

    1. Hi dears,

      Could you please send me 6 months real account results. And the details of how to get an account with you.


  85. I am Vietnamese!
    This is the first time I see a trade that profits are too high,
    I think the first few days and could not believe it. so I decided to trade it with Mr steve, a truth made me surprise, just two days 200% profit on account .I feel very happy . thanks you very much.

  86. Sir thanks for the profit make into my account. Please check my messages, I sent you the transfer receipt.Please let me know when you accepted the profit share. So we can start trading for the next trade soon. Thank you !!

  87. Hi, Can you please send me a detailed trading statement from a LIVE Trading Account that is current and at least 6 months trading? Also include LIVE account login, password to view.


  88. Well done Mr. Steve
    You have doubled my money in a week. I’m not wrong for choosing you.
    Now I think I will invest in your company for a long time.
    I can enjoy the profit while my money grows.
    It’s perfect.

  89. Thank you for excellent work I was looking for this system for many years. This system really works well.

  90. This is very attention-grabbing, You are an overly professional Money Manager.
    I’ve joined your system and get $10,000 of your excellent work. Additionally, I’ve shared your website
    in my social networks

  91. You make a big profit at my account in one day, I won $5000 in one day, your system is totally amazing. you are helping the poor people like me.
    All of you can trust this system because it works and make profit like I have

    Thank you

  92. Hi friend, i’m regular reader of your site. I want you to trade in my account and make money just like everyone else. Please send the details to my email.

  93. Good Robot, I bought it and make about $4000 in 3 weeks. Now I’m managing my friends’ and colleagues’ account.

  94. OMG!!! I thought 200% profits in 4 weeks was too good to be true,
    so I keep my expectation low.
    But this Steve guy turned my $2500 into $8300 in just 12 days!!!
    Its so f***in AWESOME!!!

    1. Good day,
      I have sent the detailed statement to your email. If you have any other question please don’t hesitate to ask us.
      Thank you very much.

          1. Thank you very much. Too bad that you decided to stop trading so soon, we can make more money if we keep going just a few days more.

          2. Well, I’m planning to put more money so I can get more profit ratio. I already contacted Mr. Steve, he said we will start the trade on Monday.

      1. I got to know your website through an article in a newspaper in Nigeria. Can you send to me history of an account for the last 3 months. If one does not have up to $2500 to invest, can I benefit from your service? Thanks.

  95. Great result. І was checking constantly this website ɑnd
    start my first trade! Extremely useful for a beginner in forex.
    ӏ wаs lοoking for tҺis ceгtain results for a ѵery long timе.
    TҺank you and best of luck.

  96. This guy saved me. in Dubai if you can not pay debt you go to jail, thanks to Stevie, I can pay all my debt after only 10 days trading. Thank you very very much mister.

    1. Good day,
      I have sent the detailed statement and our reply regarding your interest in buying our EA to your email. If you can’t find it please check the spam folder, sometimes the email went there.
      Thank you very much.

  97. good day,

    please email me results of your ea trading so i could decide if i would want to invest in your forex trading ea system….kindly send past live forex trading performance not the demo account…and i would like to know if your ea is for sale…

    thanks and god bless.

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